Brandon Pensick PresidentBrandon Pensick, President

It is with gratitude and confidence in the members of the Engineering Contractors’ Association that I with have accepted the position of President.  The mandate for action and goals for the ECA are clear, we will work with the Board of Directors to continue our efforts on the local level increase business for our members.  This includes working with our contractors, affiliate members and trade union partners to provide cities, counties and agencies with both information and financial support. This also means we will continue our networking opportunities and events for our members and our political outreach to those that can help bring work to our contractors.  Thank you again for this opportunity to lead this great organization

Brandon Pensick

Local, Local, Local

The next big step in our future came in October 2013 when our Board of Directors made the decision to change our legislative advocacy program from an emphasis on the state level to working only in our 12-county local region. We found a local firm with strong ties to local government, the Southern California Group led by Rich Lambros and Pete Mitchell, whose impressive skills, contacts and work effort suited our shift to local focus perfectly.

Our affiliate members, many of whom now chair our important committees, have also changed the focus of their ECA work to local issues. We will be talking about the individual accomplishments of our committees in a future issue, but we must recognize their continued support and excellent efforts.

Most of this came during the presidency of Dave Sorem of Mike Bubalo Construction. Dave not only functioned as the ECA President, he was our point man in many meetings with local officials at the city, county and regional level, including his work in helping to found the Southern California Partnership for Jobs which focuses on local infrastructure funding opportunities.

In some ways you could say Dave did too well in this job. So, the executive board has created a new ex officio position so Dave will stay on the job, becoming ECA’s first Board Vice President of Infrastructure Development. He can get off that hot seat as soon as he develops someone as good as he is at this work… Good luck finding your replacement Dave!

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