The founders of the ECA had it right when deciding upon what it was a construction-focused association should look like, and who it was they were serving.

“Championing the interests of its members,” and, being a “collective influence in the construction industry,” are, and will remain foundational cornerstones of the ECA. 

The construction industry and the political landscape have changed drastically since the 1970s, and the monumental events of 2020 demonstrate clearly that the ECA must remain adaptable and agile in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our members. There are many challenges out there right now, including the political feeling of uncertainty, tempered optimism about infrastructure spending, and regulatory confinement. But through it all, this is the ECA’s moment for revitalization.

In evolving our mission for the 2020s, our Strategic Planning Committee went beyond merely reaffirming the past. They organized many of the core principles and values and strengthened the mission-inspired purpose that drove ECA to success over the last five decades. 

The result—a refreshed statement that best describes who we are today and what we do—most importantly, a focus on things that will affect our members’business and bottom lines:

The Mission of the Engineering Contractors’ Association is to champion the interests of its members and the infrastructure contractors of Southern California through project-based advocacy, labor-management relations, political action and fair public policy.

Along with our Mission, it is vitally important to the ECA that we are also a future-focused association, creating an aspirational vision that facilitates strategic growth as well as a long-lasting legacy for all ECA members. Doing this right, leveraging our collective knowledge and reliable networks maximizes value to our members and the industry. We will get there through professional outreach and influence, enhanced member communication and engagement, and quality educational opportunities for multiple levels of our members’organizations.

ECA is a recognized leader and trusted partner in addressing issues and opportunities to advance Southern California’s infrastructure.

We accomplish this by taking leadership roles in influencing positive outcomes for our members in the labor relations and public policy arenas—amplifying ECA’s voice through consistent liaison and engagement with public agencies and our Labor partners. We work to build a strong sense of community where members of the construction industry join together to learn, share and collaborate.

Project complexity, safety, ever-rising labor and materials cost, narrow margins, and making a fair bottom line, along with consistently providing quality goods and services, are always on the minds of our members—and the ECA stands ready to help.


By Ray Baca Executive Director Email: [email protected]