This year we are especially pleased to present to you our 2021 ECA Membership Directory. You will notice we have made some exciting new changes. This year, along with bringing you all the content you are used to seeing in this, our most comprehensive publication of the year, you will also find our 2020 ECAAnnual Report starting on page 13.

This year-at-a-glance look at the ECA showcases our dedicated, members-first purpose, and long-term strategic vision for the association. In this regard, our goal with this report is to bring the ECA community up to date on our progress, and to clearly articulate 2020’s most important aspects. 

Along the way you will also find a nostalgic historical perspective of the ECA that helps bring into focus many of the reasons we are here as an association today, including the people, the times, and the projects. Worthy of its own publication, this unique “blast from the past” is both sentimental and fun.

Stronger Together

Most importantly, you will find within the report a deeper dive into 2020’s Strategic Planning process. I want to issue a special thanks to our Executive Board and Board of Directors for their terrific work over the past year—especially regarding their steadfast focus and dedication towards the completion of this plan. This was a learning process for us all in that, you must be willing to listen, you must be willing to learn, and you must be intentional about change. Intentional change will come incrementally, and there will be periodic setbacks—but through it all I am confident that the ECA is well positioned for the future and that we will attain our long-term goals.

Of course, I must thank our members, our many supporters, and our friends and partners in Labor for their contributions towards ECA success. The impact of 2020’s events has been huge. With restrictions and new protocols in place at every turn—the challenges and effort of keeping your workforce and the public healthy and safe—and still getting the job done—has been nothing short of tremendous. I commend you all.

While the Annual Report is a quick look-back at the ECA in 2020—it also serves as a compass for this, our upcoming year. It serves to establish conversations that will help guide our association into the future. Assembling the report was made easier because of our members’ involvement and accomplishments over the past year. We appreciate you, and your dedication to the ECAfamily.

Thank you!

By Ray M. Baca Executive Director Email: [email protected]


*2020 ECAAnnual Report starting on page 13.