An exciting new era in the evolution of the Engineering Contractors Association will soon begin. As many of you already know, ECA has been actively engaged with United Contractors of San Ramon, CA in exploring the possibility of merging the two associations. 

I am pleased to announce that on March 8, 2023, the ECA Board of Directors voted to approve a jointly authored Memorandum of Agreement that paves the way for formalization of this merger in the coming few months.

The idea of the merger is in direct alignment with ECA’s Strategic Plan, as we have evaluated and pursued options for relationships with other contractor associations that will better serve and represent the interests of our members and the construction industry of Southern California. Additionally, a merger such as this maximizes value to our members and to the industry. It improves member communication and engagement, and it enhances organizational develo p m e n t a n d l o n g – t e r m sustainability. Our members will now have a more amplified voice in the construction marketplace, and access to multiple resources to help enhance their businesses and bottom-lines.

Through United Contractors we will continue to champion the interests of our members and the infrastructure contractors of Southern California through project-based advocacy, labormanagement relations, along with political action strategy and pursuit of fair public policy for the construction industry. Additionally, ECA’s long-standing signature event, the DIG Awards, will continue through UCON as will the Les Weed Memorial Scholarship, which will remain as part of UCON’s wellestablished industry scholarship program.

Current ECA memberships will transfer seamlessly into United Contractors memberships for 2023, and our staff will be available as always to answer any questions you may have now and into the future. More information to follow.

By Ray Baca, Executive Director Email: [email protected]