The Committees of the Engineering Contractors’ Association form a critical element in the structure of the organization. Participation in the committees listed below enables the association to develop programs and policy direction for the ECA Board to act on. Anyone with questions or concerns regarding particular issues associated with the appropriate committee is encourage to contact the corresponding individual.

Affiliate Committee

Elizabeth Torrez – United Rentals & Trench Safety
(626) 634-0690

DIG Award Committee

Anthony Niccoli – AALRR
(562) 653-3200

Labor Committee

Scott Van Diest – Van Diest Bros.
(562) 633-2835

Government Affairs Committee

Dave Sorem – Mike Bubalo
Construction Co., Inc.
(626) 960-7787

Magazine Committee

John Simpson – Editor
(562) 708-4601

Membership Committee

Andrew Waterbury – Turner Surety & Insurance
(714) 955-4032

Political Action Committee

Scott Salandi – Patriot Risk &
Insurance Services
(949) 486-7900

Safety Forum Committee

Jordan Latimer – Ferreira Construction
(909) 606-5900
Brad Oien – Murow CM
(949) 988-3270