Garrett Francis, President

We held our installation of officers and directors last month like we usually do. The one difference was in the ceremony’s duration—35 minutes—from start to finish. I want to thank the ECA staff and committee members for putting together a successful installation in a challenging climate. I also thank State Senator Josh Newman (D-29) for swearing in the officers and board.

Congratulations to the incoming 2021 ECA Board. We have a lot of work ahead of us, and all the officers and members, thank you for your commitment and service.

We had a productive 2020, focused on our ongoing strategic planning effort. We all felt it necessary to know who we are and where we have been to make intelligent decisions on where we are going. We hired an outside consultant to keep us on track and provide perspective.

This year, our primary goal will be to implement the plan’s main points to help the association thrive.

We will not only enhance many of the positive accomplishments of the ECA over the past decades but will continue working to position ourselves as leaders within the greater Southern California construction community.

Highlights of the general plan include the following:

  • Internal Values (How we operate the association.). Members first; Stewardship; Respect; Agility; Continuous improvement.
  • External Values: Labor Relations management and liaison; Credible industry/market/project information; Enhanced business opportunities for Affiliate Members; Educations and Training opportunities; Addition of more value-added member benefits.
  • Outreach-influence: Leadership roles; Amplify ECA voice; Advocacy and leadership opportunities; Membership development.
  • Member Communication: Marketing and Branding; Social Media; Member participation; Industry Community; Volunteer opportunities.
  • Financial Capacity: Membership growth; Membership status; Hours reporting; Reserves.
  • Governance: Updated Governance; Organizational Structure; Facility

To meet some of the plan’s goals, we set priorities learned from our planning sessions and member input. Our priorities for 2021 are:

  • Enhanced, meaningful communications to members on local area construction issues.
  • Focused Advocacy with government agencies on the development and funding of projects.
  • Renewed and enhanced relationships with our Labor partners.

This plan is not a “black box” set of secret instructions. ECA members are welcome at any time to discuss the project at length with ECA staff or the Executive Officers.

As your new president, I will work hard to serve our membership, the communities where we work, and our agency and labor partners.

Let’s get started!

ECA’s Crucial Difference

All of this points to one crucial difference about ECA. We are not the biggest construction association in Southern California and neither are we a “chapter” of some national organization. We are not the oldest organization, nor a collection of other associations banded together under one roof.

But we are a very nimble group and we are the most innovative group of contractors in our area. As a testimony to how effective this work has been, we are now seeing other trade associations in our 12-county area emulating our “local” efforts. We will gladly work with all of these groups to better our industry, our member benefits relationships and the essential services we provide the public.

Membership benefits include union and agency representation, networking, safety and risk management and resource access to address your issues.

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