When ECA contractor member, Ayala Boring, took on the work of installing a new sewer line right in the middle of a bustling tourist center, they knew the work would have to be done with particular sensitivity to the community. Not only did they complete the work with accolades from municipal officials but, also from the local businesses most affected by the project.

Old Town Temecula has grown so significantly in the past decade or so that city officials determined that the area needed a secondary parallel sewer line to augment current demand and, more importantly, allow for future expansion and growth. Ayala’s $3.51 million subcontract called for jacking 2,776 feet of 36” steel casing to allow for the installation of 15” vitrified clay sewer pipe.

The work began for Ayala under general contractor W.A. Rasic Construction, for Eastern Municipal Water District, in December, 2014. Jeff Grubb was Project Manager for Rasic.

After a three month delay due to substantial changed site conditions from the engineer’s original design estimate, work was completed in February, 2016. Originally the project called for a guided boring installation but, had to be modified to allow for the casing to be jacked in. The jacking was accomplished with access via four pits at an average depth of 25 feet. This technique accommodated continuous access to the businesses at street level, created a minimum construction footprint, and resulted in the least amount of disturbance to merchants and businesses.