ECA welcomes one of our newest members, Blue Bridge Financial, focused on financial services to a critical segment of the construction industry as an equipment finance lender.

Blue Bridge Financial, Inc. was founded in Buffalo, New York in 2009 to fill a gap in the small to medium ticket commercial lending market.

From their point of view of company owner, Steve Dervenis, the commercial equipment financing space was overserved by banks, and underserved by independent lenders offering efficiency, common sense underwriting, and a personal touch.

Maintaining their small business mindset has enabled Blue Bridge to grow exponentially. They have financed over 7,000 small businesses in 30+ industries. Blue Bridge is now headquartered in Reston, Virginia, with an additional office in Irvine, California, enabling nationwide coverage across their entire product line which includes:

  • Application only financing up to $250K ($500K with full financials)
  •  Rates from 6-25% for A-D Credit
  •  No age or mileage restrictions on collateral
  • Cash back product allows customers to pledge existing collateral to Blue Bridge to receive working capital to keep their operation running smoothly
  •  Private party sales between individuals or companies 
  • Deferred payments and early buyouts
  • Startup and young company programs 

Blue Bridge strives to maintain their small business focused mindset and continues leveraging industry technology to increase client satisfaction. Their willingness to listen, learn, and grow, where other lenders tend to take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach has given them a unique market position. Making serious strides to reduce decision time to one hour or less, allows them to get creative on more complicated transactions, as well as dedicate more time to vendor partners to whom they offer the following valuable services:

  • Incentive programs for vendors who meet volume requirements and share similar growth goals
  • Expedited credit and documentation process as a pre-approved vendor
  • Co-branding opportunities as a preferred partner
  • Trade show support for on-the-spot approval opportunities

Construction equipment is and always has been one of Blue Bridge’s strongest asset classes. As historically smaller metro areas continue to grow and develop throughout the country, and the government continues to invest in infrastructure, they see growing demand for construction equipment across the country.

Additionally, they are signing up new vendor partners more actively than ever. Working directly with vendors allows them to gather industry knowledge straight from the source. As a small but rapidly growing finance company, Blue Bridge is committed to the goal of “helping vendors better service their customers.”

For more information about Blue Bridge Financial’s services reach out to representatives to ECA, Nick Dervenis [email protected], and Philip Kim at (703) 502-7587 or visit //

In next month’s issue Blue Bridge brings us an expansive outlook on the market.