As our industry and the general economy continue to move through a transitional stage and while regulatory pressures continue to increase on contractors, the value of membership in ECA becomes more critical now than ever before for contractors and affiliates alike.

With increased competition for existing work the power of ECA as an established and respected entity in both legislative and agency halls can help ensure that responsible contractors are given the fairest advantages for bidding and building work. Additionally, when faced with stringent regulatory actions, it is often most difficult for an individual to adequately respond and to defend themselves in uncertain times. This is where our members should rely on ECA’s collective influence most heavily.

Growing Our Industry

It is with these pressing issues in mind that ECA will continue to focus on our membership value added campaign during the next year as we seek to further strengthen and empower the pipeline construction industry for our members.

Whether it’s agency liaison, education and networking, labor relations, business services, risk management and safety, or union representation, ECA is your best professional resource.

As part of our strategy ECA will increase member services in the form of greater access to information via our re-imagined web site, increased coverage of air quality developments, heightened focus on the most critical issues and quickened response on emerging issues.

Our members are our best asset when it comes to helping unify our industry. If there are other ways in which you believe your association can assist your business please let us know.

The investment you make in an ECA membership today will continue to provide value over its lifetime. Please call me at 714/937-5000 whenever you see an opportunity for ECA to help you in building your business future.

By Dave Sorem, P.E.
ECA Government Affairs Chairman
email: [email protected]