January 25, 2021

Dear Members,

Related to recent Member Messages on the topic, Cal/OSHA has released a comprehensive informational bulletin that covers COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards. Included in this bulletin are several links to much of the background material regarding these standards, but most important is the Model COVID-19 Prevention Program. (CPP)

With some exceptions, all employers and places of employment are required to establish and implement an effective written COVID-19 Prevention Program. Cal/OSHA has developed this model program to assist employers with creating their own unique CPP tailored to their workplace. (You can access this model from the link provided on the bulletin, or the link below.)

While you are not required to use this specific model, you must create your own program or use another CPP template. You can also create a written CPP by incorporating elements of this model into your own existing Injury and Illness Prevention Program. Using this or other models alone does not ensure compliance with the emergency temporary standard. As always, you are encouraged to seek input from your insurance provider and/or legal counsel before publishing.

Cal/OSHA Bulletin
Model COVID-19 Prevention Program

Should you have any questions, please reach me at my mobile number: 657-281-9720
Thank you,

Ray M. Baca
Executive Director