February 2, 2021

Dear Members,

(Please note: This is a directed message addressed only to members of the Engineering Contractors’ Association who are signatory to the Master LaborAgreement with the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters.)

As you know, Cal/OSHA recently implemented regulations that will require contractors to pay COVID-19 exposed or positive employees, that are otherwise able and available to work, their full wages and benefits during any time that they are excluded from the workplace due to on-the-job exposure. To assist with this typically unbudgeted expense, the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters(SWRCC) has started their COVID-19 Contractor Assistance Program (CCAP) to help offset the cost. (You may have already received this information directly from the SWRCC.)

Basically, SWRCC will be providing up to $1 million in assistance on benefit hours incurred during the months of January and February (and paid in February and March). A contractor seeking assistance will be required to apply for it by the 5th of the month. The application will be simple, they will just need to list the employees that they granted OSHA related sick leave to in the previous month, the number of hours granted to each employee, and the total number of hours that they will be reporting to the Trust on all employees for the month.

The goal is for the Council to cover all the Contractor’s benefit payments except for Health and Welfare, however, if the total amount of assistance requested exceeds the program caps then they will cover what they can. They will communicate the final assistance amount to a contractor prior to the date when their benefit payments are due to the Trust, and they will only be responsible for paying the non-covered amount, and the covered amount will be paid directly by the Council to the Trust.

Included here is a website link with much more information, and where contractors will be able to 1) download the CCAP Report Template in Excel which they will need to complete as part of their application, and 2) download a copy of the CCAP participation agreement.

Click here for more information

If you have any questions, please reach me on my mobile number: 657-281-9720

Thank you,

Ray M. Baca
Executive Director