ECA Takes to the High Seas for its Annual Fishing Trip

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ECA anglers headed out to the high seas off the California coast to try their luck at the association’s annual fishing trip bringing in a successful haul for their efforts. The boat, chartered exclusively for ECA members and guests, left August 23 from the 22nd Street Land- ing in San Pedro for an overnight trip [...]

Wildfires Damage Underground Systems As Well

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In the aftermath of the wildfires that stormed through both north- ern and southern California over the last two years, a new problem sur- faced, one in which ECA members are going to be an important part of the solution. The problem is benzene, a colorless, flavorless, sweet- smelling chemical that you have probably smelled [...]

State to Require Employee Retirement Plans

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One of the first things that you learn when you start or run a business in California—you have a not-so-silent partner who, every year, does something that will mess with your head—the state government. This “something” is the launch of a new, state-mandated employee retirement program called CalSavers. It was the brainchild of former legislative [...]

Taking The Charge Out of Battery Theft

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Batteries might as well have a target on them: they can be relatively easy to steal, many companies don't have any way of identifying the batteries if they are stolen, and they can be incredibly easy for thieves to re-sell for a quick buck It's no surprise that a job site laden with a variety [...]

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Scholarship Recipients Celebrated at Annual Event

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Celebrating aboard the USS Iowa harbored in San Pedro, ECA used the historic setting to celebrate young and talented minds in presenting this year’s scholarships. Those receiving the Les Weed Memorial College Scholarship honors and corresponding amount for this year include;  Amanda Gale  Autumn Webb Cole Parsons  Jack Dorfman  Jonathan Salandi Lauren Bland Sarah Camarena [...]

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Mission Clay Delivers For Santa Ana Utility

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When the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) embarked on an ambitious streetcar project in Santa Ana, replacing and upgrading underground utilities along the route would be an essential component of the endeavor.  With Mission Clay Products' long history of supplying quality vitrified clay pipe (VCP), they were selected to provide the goods that would get [...]

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ECA Honors Hakel as 32nd DIG Award Recipient

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The ECA DIG Award committee has named John Hakel as the association’s 32nd recipient recognizing his achievements of Dignity, Integrity and Generosity – DIG – in the construction industry Hakel is the Executive Director at Southern California Partnership For Jobs, a group comprised of 2,750 constructions firms employing more than 90,000 union workers in 12 [...]

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Burton Named Posthumous DIG Recipient

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James Burton, former ECA Executive Director, long-time Santa Fe Springs activist, former councilman, and school board member, has been named posthumous recipient of the 32nd Annual ECADIG Award. He served as Executive Director of the Engineering Contractors' Association from 2006 until his retirement in 2011 before that Jim served as the Executive Vice President of [...]

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Another SB1 Heard From

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By the time you read this, the California Legislature will be wrapping up another eventful year of passing new laws to go with those already contained in the 29 separate editions of the California Code. One of the most pernicious bills hanging around is a measure known in the Capitol as Senate Bill 1 [...]

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