Wildfire Construction Deaths Expose Flaws in Emergency Work

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The wildfires ravaging California over the last few years have exposed significant flaws in the emergency work practices of state and federal agencies tasked with dealing with these disasters. Five bulldozer operators have died in the line of duty over the last four years. The wildfires ravaging California over the last few years exposed significant [...]

Hakel & Burton 2019 DIG Honorees

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Before a full house of guests, dignitaries and colleagues ECA’s 32nd Annual DIG Awards celebrated John Hakel of the Southern California Partnership for Job, and the late Jim Burton of the Engineering Contractors’ Association for their careers of Dignity, Integrity and Generosity - DIG - in the construction industry. This year’s awardees were honored for [...]

More Water Money from Washington Possible

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Despite what you might think based on the national news coverage, the Capitol building is still functioning. Congress is occasionally in session. The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee (probably the most important for construction) in late October met to “mark-up*” H.R. 1497. While that doesn't sound all that exciting, what if we told you H.R. [...]

AB 5, Gig Economy & Tax Compliance

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With the ink still drying on the governor's signature making AB5 state law, Sacramento's revenue collectors have started having meetings to figure out how to cash in on this latest opportunity to increase the Golden State's tax take. Leading the charge is State Controller Betty T. Yee, who doubles in brass as chair of California's [...]

Construction Employment Still Rising

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That headline is mostly true. The overall construction employment numbers nationally went up 7,000 jobs in September—except for “nonresidential building,” which was continuing its downward trajectory. “Nonresidential Building” means a lot of things, structure categories such as warehouse, industrial, office, retail, entertainment, hotels, restaurants, educational, health, etc. That category of construction has been struggling with [...]

New So Cal Water Recycling Project Launched

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What if I were to tell you to get ready to handle a job that includes 60 miles of new water pipe in three counties in southern California? It could happen as a part of a decade long dream to provide millions of gallons of new water supply to the Metropolitan Water District of [...]

SWRCB Tightens Contamination Levels

By |2019-11-01T10:01:53-07:00October 31st, 2019|Blog|

Some 200 water agencies and districts who manage some 612 groundwater wells are being required to test their wells for smaller amounts of nonstick chemicals suspected of being carcinogenic. The action comes after the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) an- nounced in August, they were lowering the allowable levels set for the chemicals. [...]

Funding Deadline Approaches for Local Residential Construction Project

By |2019-11-01T09:59:46-07:00October 28th, 2019|Blog|

In August, California's Department of Housing and Community Development (“HCD”) announced it had begun awarding $123 million under SB 2's Planning Grants Program to cities and coun- ties that applied for additional funds. Under HCD guidelines, local jurisdic- tions have until November 30, 2019 to submit applications. To echo the ECA President's Message from [...]

ECA Hosts Members & Guests At ‘Backyard’ Summer Bash

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ECA members, family and guests turned out last month to enjoy the casual summer atmosphere and networking at the association’s “Backyard Bash” event in Anaheim. Attendees took advantage of the California sun- shine to take in the casual environment of the Golden Road Brewery just down the street from ECA’s offices in our ‘backyard.” Guests [...]

Pascal & Ludwig Builds Out High Capacity Separators

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Pascal & Ludwig Constructors (P&L) is no stranger to highly technical and complex jobs. So, when Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD) put their North Conversion Zone C Plus Reservoir project out to bid it seemed a perfect match for P&L's skill set. Under the direction of Project Manager Scott Floyd, the $11 plus million [...]