Increase Immigration or Roll Out Construction Robots…or Both

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Japan is the first industrialized nation facing the demographic crisis of an aging population unable to respond to the basic needs of the country. According to an article in Nikkei Asia Review, the data for Japan's most basic industry, agriculture, is staggering; the average worker is 67, and 60 percent are 65 or older. [...]

California Construction Faces More Transportation Risks

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Transportation risks affect just about every industry, but God must love California contractors because He has blessed them with more “learning opportunities” than any contractors anywhere else in the country. Some of the challenges are shared everywhere, including: Driver shortages are challenging supply chains Product delivery and availability of services, as 2018 experienced 20-year [...]

Purchasing a Business, Foreign Corporations & Trade Exam Waivers

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You can’t buy forgiveness or ‘rent’ some things either, despite what rumors may have you believe. Just don’t do it… Q: I am looking to purchase a contracting business but I only have experience working on my own houses and family member’s homes. I understand it is difficult to qualify based on experience gained [...]

ECA’s PAC Needed For Local Issues

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Arecent Los Angeles Times editorial made the case, inadvertently, that ECA's Political Action Committee (ECAPAC) serves a greater purpose by focusing voters to support necessary funding for public works projects. The Times editorial explained that both state and federal law forbid governmental entities, from using public funds or resources to campaign for ballot measures, [...]

United Rentals Hits 90,000 Workers Trained

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United Rentals Trench Safety has trained more than 90,000 workers across North America in trench safety operations from 2016 to 2019. Other training delivered includes safety training for confined space, traffic control flagger, and OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour construction training. Trench and excavation work represent some of the most dangerous jobs in the construction [...]

Another Sacramento Attack on the Cadiz Project

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you've heard that the third time's the charm, but, if you are a supporter of the Cadiz Water Project which is facing its third attack from the California legislature in the last three years, you might have a different opinion. This time the weapon of choice is Senate Bill 307, identical to SB 120, [...]

Renew Public Works Registration By June 30

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The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) opened the doors for public works contractors to renew registrations starting on May 1. Public works contractor registrations expire each year on June 30. Contractors now have the option to renew current registrations for one, two or three fiscal years...for a fee, of course...of $400, $800 or $1,200, [...]

$2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Uncertain

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While ECA keeps its nose to the grindstone of local government construction opportunities and an eye on what's going on in Sacramento, we also have an ear listening to what's going on in Washington (how does anybody work in that position?) through our membership in the Clean Water Construction Coalition. What we've been hearing [...]

New SoCal Groundwater Storage Program to Boost Water Supplies

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Southern California is truly an arid desert. If not for abundant water, Southern California would not be the booming metropolis we know today. But despite the uptick in rainfall levels over the past two years, California’s next drought is on its way. “It’s not a question that drought will return to California; it’s only [...]