Executive Director Engineering Contractors’ Association

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Profile of the ECA The Engineering Contractors’ Association has been serving the underground and heavy construction industry in Southern California for over 40 years. As a strong, effective leader for the industry, the ECA promotes a healthy construction environment through education and a commanding presence with legislative and regulatory bodies, and representation of the contractor [...]

Whittier Narrows Dam Needs $600 Million Upgrade

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In Pico Rivera, the Whittier Narrows Dam stands like a guardian between the San Gabriel Mountains and the cities downstream from them. Its job is to make sure storms don’t become floods. But government studies show the dam may not be strong enough. In recent public hearings, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said the [...]

Tips to Building a Stellar Safety Program

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Ask any construction business owner, regardless of the size of their operation what their top priority is and you'll get the same response every time: worker safety. The real question The real question owners should always be asking themselves is whether or not their safety program is robust enough to meet their commitment to protecting [...]

Taking the Law Exam, General Liability & Moving Your License

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Any test taken is always a bet you hope to win. Sometimes passing it is the only way to ‘win, place or show’as our first contractor discovers. There are times when the label placed on something is almost ‘self-explanatory’, but not always as we learn in a ‘liability’ question followed by another on restoring a [...]

ECA Celebrates 43rd Installation With Flair

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Celebrating 43 years of service to the heavy construction industry, ECA hosted its annual Installation of Officers at the spectacular Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel. The ECA Executive Board, under the direction of President Brendan Slagle of J.F. Shea Construction, was sworn in for their term, before a full house marking the momentous occasion in January. [...]

Shaking the Piggy Bank

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A recent article in the Orange County Register took issue California's obscure but cash-heavy “Special Districts” asking the question “who is watching the billions of taxpayer dollars that fall into their really big piggy banks every year?” While not a new question, it is one of the ultimate importance for the Engineering Contractors' Association Government [...]

New Leadership & New Challenges

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As those of you who attended the Installation Dinner know, our friend Executive Director Wes May is now at the helm of one of our allied associations, the Southern California Contractors Association (SCCA). We commend Wes on his great work during his time at ECA and look forward to continuing to work with him in [...]

The Future of Construction A 2019 ABC Forecast

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One of the top construction industry economists says 2019 should be another positive annum for our business, with a caveat about “wage inflation.” Associated Builders and Contractors Chief Economist Anirban Basu released his 2019 forecast December 4th, in the association's magazine Construction Executive magazine. Job growth, high backlog and healthy infrastructure investment all spell good [...]

Combating Construction Worker Fatigue

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Worker fatigue is often an overlooked hazard on the construction site. Fatigue, whether physical or mental, impairs a construction worker's ability to safely and effectively perform their job duties. It increases the risk of accidents and injuries which can lead to unnecessary workers' compensation costs and can greatly reduce productivity on a project. Common [...]