Vouching for Subs, Modifying a Renewal Form & Organizational Charts

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If your worker 'subverts' the truth about his licensing are you 'generally' in trouble? I prevent an 'alteration' that would get a contractor nothing but 'rejection'…  Q: Does California have a requirement for General Contractors to ensure subcontractor licensing? We've recently become aware that a handful of states (Arkansas, Louisiana, etc.) have specific penalties [...]

Meet Ray Baca, ECA’s New Executive Director

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The ECABoard of Directors is happy to announce the selection of Ray Baca to provide executive leadership for our organization. The selection came after an exhaustive effort by the Executive Search Committee and we thank them for their effort. Baca brings to the position a wealth of experience in fields ranging from strategic public [...]

Road Construction Booming & So Are Driver Complaints

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From Bakersfield to Corona and all over southern California, massive road construction projects are causing massive delays and multiple driver complaints. Maybe the sales job for SB 1 should include a series of public service announcements to prepare drivers for detours, workarounds and traffic stoppages as the money voters approved in November goes to work. [...]

METRO Entering ‘Uncharted Territory’

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The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (METRO) announced an enormously ambitious plan with its proposed new budget, and, no, it's not a big increase in highway construction. “In Fiscal Year 2020, METRO is ready to move into uncharted territory with 'The Re-Imagining of L. A. County,' a bold and innovative effort to transform the [...]

August Start for New Wildfire Smoke Standards

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Wildfire “season” in California is virtually year round now. In a new wildfire smoke rule for “outside workers,” the state Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board (Cal/OSHA) adopted an “emergency” regulation, July 18th, changing the outdoor smoke rules in wildfire areas, saying: “Employers must quickly adopt the new requirements in early August!” The statement [...]

Business is Booming, So Why Are We Worried?

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By the time you read this, the Los Angeles Rams and U.S.C. Trojans will have moved into their football home for the 2019-20 season, the newly renovated United Airlines Field at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The new look at the 96-year-old facility dedicated to the memory of World War I heroes and the [...]

California Ranks 41st in Transportation Infrastructure

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Throughout history, transportation has played a key role in the development of the American economy, determining where and when growth happens, which is why U.S. News and World Report allots ‘transportation infrastructure quality’ one-third of the weight when ranking America’s Best States for Infrastructure. The Southern California Partnership for Jobs reported that the publication ranked [...]

5 Tips For Better Emergency Preparedness

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Emergencies can happen suddenly at any time, wreaking havoc and devastation and taking a costly toll on the lives of workers, your local community, and on the finances of business and industry. In that light, it's often said that the best defence is a good offense, and when it comes to emergency preparedness, the best [...]

Clearing Tax Status, Adding a Child to Your License, Waiver Restrictions

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When you are done, you’re done, but going away may take some added steps for a corporate contractor. Another contractor finds that license transfers only go one way in CA…   Q: Your company helped me set up my Corporation back in 2003. We haven’t done business in California for years and I need to [...]

Trench Shoring Scores Big At LA Coliseum

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It's not often that a football playoff season and an order for steel plates converge. This was the case last winter during the 2019 NFL playoffs, when Trench Shoring Company received a call from Calex Engineering. Calex Engineering was involved in the remodeling/construction project underway at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum project. The Los Angeles [...]