Perhaps the most enduring legacy of ECAis destined to be our DIG Award created by Tom Malloy in 1987 recognizing Dignity, Integrity & Generosity – DIG. The award was designed to honor those who have committed their careers and lives to the betterment of the water, sewer and storm drain industry in Southern California.

Our industry is a very particular carve-out in engineering construction that coalesced into a dynasty of individuals and companies 47 years ago that have remained strong and independent across generations of dedicated individuals.

As the ECA/UCON merger moves forward, those of us collaborating on the venture have taken measures to ensure the ongoing recognition of our industry greats through the DIG Award will continue without interruption.

Building on the Past

Our society has increasingly come to appreciate the unique and valuable qualities of leadership and commitment that have made this nation what it is today. As such, UCON will continue the tradition of honoring industry leaders for their contributions.

These individuals have built careers in construction dedicated to public service and industry advancement. We are proud to recognize them for their contributions from which we have all benefited as individuals and as a society.

Committed to Our Future

Moreover, their legacy continues to inspire us in our daily work and in the stewardship for which we owe a debt of gratitude.

Another important component of the DIG Award is the funding that it provides to the annual Les Weed Memorial Scholarship. Named for the past ECA President and founder of the endeavor, the scholarship provides young minds assistance in pursing their goals of higher education furthering the benefits of future leadership of our industry and society.

For a complete list of past DIG Award recipients see page 13 of this issue.

By Dave Sorem, P.E. ECA Government Affairs Chairman Email: [email protected]