What began in 1987 as a vision to acknowledge the achievements and contributions of outstanding individuals in Southern California’s construction industry has, today, grown to become a respected tradition known as the ECADIG Awards.

With the upcoming ECA/UCON merger we’re announcing that the DIG Award will remain as an ongoing event in the transition and has been planned for October 21.

As our society has increasingly come to appreciate the unique and valuable qualities of leadership and commitment that have made this nation what it is today, the DIG Award continues its tradition of honoring our own industry leaders for their dignity, integrity and generosity.

The list below represents all those who have been named DIG Award recipients and we are proud to recognize them for their contributions from which we have all benefitted as individuals and as a society. Moreover, their legacy continues to inspire us in our daily work and in the stewardship of the industry for which we owe a debt of gratitude.

Thank you to all who continue to support this most memorable tradition. Proceeds from the DIG Award benefit the Les Weed Memorial Scholarship Fund helping young minds in their pursuit of higher education.