In this issue of our magazine we look ahead at some pressing issues on our radar that will affect our members and our industry at large. We will also see how ECA continues to reflect the needs of our members as we merge our Annual DIG Award with our Installation this October.

ECA readers will be very interested to read our Executive Director, Ray Baca’s article on page eight on developments in the Stormwater Permitting process changes now happening in California.

ECAhas signed onto an industry letter regarding our significant concerns surrounding the California Water Resources Control Board revised Statewide Construction Stormwater General Permit.

On a different front, we look at yet another layer of regulation, this time on private construction contracts, SB 727 which extends the direct contractor’s liability to penalties, liquidated damages, and interest owed by subcontractors for contracts entered into, on or after January 1, 2022. See Dave Sorem’s Government Affairs article on page 10 for a look into this critical issue.

Amid the challenges we all face, it’s important to get out and have some fun. Check the recap of our March Golf Tournament in our Member News column on page 13.

Additionally the ECA DIG Award and Installation Committees have created a brand new combined format for these two outstanding events. As hallmarks of ECA member networking, the DIG Award and the Installation will be hosted simultaneously on October 22 at the Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel. More detail will soon be available but, we hope you will definitely put this date on your calendars.

Great information comes to us again this month from Shauna Krause of Capitol Services. She explores several licensing topics on page 17 including Disassociating from a License, a Suspended Qualifier and RMO Limits. This information is a must-read for keeping up with the nuances of licensing in this state.

Thank you.

By Garrett Francis, ECA President Email: [email protected]