As the California legislature grinds inexorably to the end of the first half of the 2019 session and early passage of the state budget, we thought we should tell you how the Engineering Contractors Association (ECA) has been working behind the scenes in the state Capitol.

Unlike some organizations who stage demonstrations on the steps of the 159-year old Capitol building, ECA marched in with nine members and industry partners* for more than a dozen meetings with key legislative leaders and staff professionals to make our case both for or opposed to a small number significant bills pending this year.

Among those areas of concern were water reliability, restoring local government control, particularly with housing and transportation issues.


To meet those goals ECA supports the following actions:

  • Support the rapid implementation of the California WaterFix to align with the Governors support of a single tunnel approach.  
  • Oppose Senate Bill 307 (Roth) which seeks to create a new certification process to stop or at last delay the Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery and Storage which ECAsupported for nearly a decade
  • Restore the tools and resources Local Government needs to build critical infrastructure and housing, after elimination of local redevelopment agencies (RDA) in 2012. An estimated 8,000 affordable housing units are lost each year due to the loss of RDA


ECA supports measures to bring innovation and more effective funding to address California’s infrastructure challenges, including: 

  • Honor SB 1 promises made to the voters and taxpayers 
  • Support AB 380 (Frazier) which creates the Independent Office of the Transportation Inspector General (IG) to ensure that both state and local governments receiving state and federal transportation funds are operating efficiently, effectively and in compliance with the law. 
  • Support SB 197 (Beall) Under current law, Caltrans is prohibited from withholding retention for construction contractors. That prohibition is scheduled to sunset in 2020. SB 197 would not only continue the prohibition beyond the sunset, but in fact, make it permanent. 


*ECA Leg Day attendees included Davide Sorem , Mike Bubalo Constuction; Brandon Pensick, Feirrera Construction; Scott Salandi, Patriot Risk Management; Charles Gale, Metropolitan Water District; Kevin Gilhooley, Southern California Association of Governments; John Hakel, Southern California Partnership for Jobs; Wes May, Southern California Contractors Association and Rich Lambros, Interim Executive Director and Gregory Foster- Southern California Group.