ECA is actively engaged in developing work in the much needed public infrastructure arena to benefit local communities, the industry and our members.

The key to our success comes from our highly skilled underground contractors are adept at tackling any level of water, sewer and underground utility projects. Our members bring a lot more to the table beyond the lowest responsible bid, as outlined below. ECA’s members bring to help any agency, help like developing a comprehensive plan to fix wet and dry utilities, including everything from means of conveyance to treatment and processing facilities.

Engineering Expertise

We bring the right assessment team to review piece by piece concerns or conduct a comprehensive review. Our contractors are out in the streets, re-engineering and re-building infrastructure on a daily basis. They have developed an ability to bring a common sense, cost saving, value engineering approach to getting the job done.

Funding – We have a bench of funding opportunities that we bring to any project, from a deep understanding of public and bonded funding to venture capital money. This public private funding partnership is at the vanguard of funding choices that will work in today’s economy and political climate.

Advocacy – When it comes time for authorities to approve a project at the agency level, in many instances there is a need for a clear perspective on the scope, value and benefits to the project. ECAhas retained the Southern California Group to help in this clarification process. Teamed up with the ECA’s in-house staff, and member companies, we have the ability to reach out to stakeholders and relevant interest groups to clarify the benefits of these projects.

Jobs – Simply stated, the results of this approach are jobs for men and women in the construction industry. This has the attendant benefit of providing work and spending dollars in the communities where this activity occurs. Every dollar spent on an infrastructure project has four-fold multiplier effect in increased spending that raises economic activity in that community. These projects also provide a great level of improved service to consumers as well as relief and peace of mind to the agencies that need these projects done.

It’s All About You

The reason we do all of this is to help our local communities, our industry and our members. If this sounds like the kind of association you want to be a part of, give us a call at 714-937-5000 or check out our membership application on our website

By Wes May
ECA Executive Director
Email: [email protected]