By Scott Salandi, ECA PAC Chairman Email: [email protected]

Although last year was a big year in the election business, ensuring that public works remains a focus of public officials is a ongoing effort year in and year out. This mission of ECA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) is to keep issues involving our industry in the forefront of the discussion not only for those vying for office but for those already in the positions of authority and finance at our regional and local government levels.

Although politics are critical on a national level as we’ve seen lately, who wins a particular city council seat can make a big difference on what infrastructure projects (if any) get built, what local bond issues get passed and who gets a seat on the South Coast AQMD or the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) boards.

How does ECA impact the local election process?

Through its political action committee contributions to issues and candidates who philosophically support our industry ECA is committed to impacting the local political scene.

ECA’s PAC is stronger than ever. ECA’s PAC supports the association’s overall goal of industry advancement and protection through a heavy focus on infrastructure.

The ECA PAC accomplishes this by identifying key jurisdictions (cities, counties, districts etc.) that are grappling with important policy issues or projects that will affect our members, then thoroughly evaluating candidates and representatives in those areas to support people who value the positive community impacts of development and infrastructure investment.

In preparation of essential contested, crucial local and state elections, ECA’s PAC vets and bolsters candidates in key local elections, as well as the Los Angeles County and Orange County boards of supervisors’ elections and State Senate and Assembly races. With this focused approach, ECA is tactically fortified to impact outcomes.

But we aren’t done yet. We want to build off the foundation we have laid by continuing to evaluate and support candidates who understand the importance of the construction industry to our communities and the economy.

We wouldn’t have been able to grow our PAC fund without our loyal members. Our PAC is funded through ECA member dues, your additional contributions and, of course, fundraisers like our twice-a-year shootouts.

We need your help, so stay active in the association, attend the fundraising events we hold throughout the year and help us further educate candidates on issues affecting our industry and elect candidates who share ECA’s philosophy and goals, and further educate them on issues affecting our industry.