Profile of the ECA The Engineering Contractors’ Association has been serving the underground and heavy construction industry in Southern California for over 40 years. As a strong, effective leader for the industry, the ECA promotes a healthy construction environment through education and a commanding presence with legislative and regulatory bodies, and representation of the contractor perspective with public agencies and unions.

The ECA has built a reputation as a credible industry leader by organizing and wielding the influence of a tight-knit community of contractors, suppliers and service representatives that come together to support each other’s success and build and sustain an active construction marketplace.

Core ECA services include:

  • Maintaining a strong presence and influence with public agencies, industry coalitions, legislative bodies and regulatory agencies to proactively support local infrastructure projects
  • Representing contractor interests with labor unions, negotiating Master Labor Agreements and dealing promptly with grievance and audits
  • Publishing a widely circulated professional magazine with the latest news and information about industry trends and issues
  • Offering safety programs and legal assistance
  • Building community through industry networking and social events

Opportunity for New Executive Director Benefiting from a positive industry outlook, the next Executive Director will have a direct impact on shaping the future of the Association and building on a strong foundation of credibility and influence to grow membership and member programs, services and support.

The Executive Director will enjoy the support of the Board and its highly engaged elected leadership team who are looking to partner with an executive who can further establish the ECA as the go-to organization serving the heavy construction industry.

Executive Director Position Responsibilities The ECA Executive Director provides leadership and oversight for the operation of the Association, works closely with the Executive Board to develop strategic goals and priorities, and manages the human and financial resources, programs and initiatives to achieve them. The Executive Director will focus on building the membership base of the Association and working to strengthen relationships with all members. As an effective representative of the Association and the industry, the Executive Director will maintain a strong presence and influence with public agencies, related industry organizations and labor unions.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Labor Relations
    • Negotiate master labor agreements and respond promptly to issues
    • Represent ECA members with Union officials to negotiate settlements regarding grievance and audits and other labor issues that may arise
    • Build positive and productive relationships with Unions
  • Membership Development
    • Develop and implement a plan for member recruitment and retention
    • Reach out personally to each member to engage them in the ECA community
  • Outreach and influence
    • Stay informed and ensure ECA visibility with public agencies, industry organizations and coalitions
    • Work with the ECA Government Affairs team and consultants to maintain a strong presence and influence in the legislative, regulatory and political arenas
    • Work to positively impact projects, policy and politics in a way that achieves ECA’s goals and objectives
  • Association Administration
    • Provide leadership and oversight to ensure a strong, healthy and efficient Association
    • Partner with the Board and active member committees to address industry issues, deliver essential value to members and grow the organization
    • Provide leadership for the staff, growing their potential and ability to work as a high performing team
  • Program Development
    • Develop and oversee management of core programs and services that bring value to members and increase their engagement in the Association as part of an indispensable business strategy

Ideal Candidate Profile The ideal candidate will have a minimum of five years of progressive business management experience at a senior level, with preferred experience in the construction industry, management of associations and board relations. Familiarity with the labor relations function and the union environment, along with knowledge of the Southern California market is a plus.

The ideal candidate will possess proven leadership skills, including interpersonal communication, goal setting, delegation and team management and motivation. Strong collaboration, relationship-building and negotiating skills are also a must.

The ideal candidate will be motivated by a dynamic environment with changing priorities and demands and will exhibit self-confidence, creativity, and accountability. A style that is open, honest, collaborative and flexible will support the long-term success of the ECA Executive Director.

Compensation The Engineering Contractors’ Association is offering a competitive salary and benefits package, commensurate with the candidate’s experience and qualifications.

Application All inquiries, recommendations, referrals or applications (including an up-to-date resume and cover letter explaining how the candidate meets the position requirements) should be submitted electronically by Friday, April 26 directly to:

Jim DeLizia

DeLizia Consulting Services Burbank, California
[email protected]