On the early maps and charts used by European seafarers in the Age of Exploration (1419- 1770), there was often an illustration of dragons or other fantastic beasts, indicating the map makers didn’t have a clue about what would come next in the new world ahead.

Trying to map out the future is always a hazardous undertaking, but one that everyone in business these days must assume. A Basic rule for figuring out where you are going is to understand where things stand today. 

It’s not as easy as you might think. The big problem with determining your company’s path to the future is trying to peer through the thicket of ever-changing government regulations and understanding their impact on your business and the economy.

We don’t claim to have a crystal ball to foretell the future. Still, the Engineering Contractors Association (ECA) has access to experts both within the ECA and outside sources who are willing to share their knowledge with you.

Through the newly established Webinar Series, the ECA Legal Committee has already presented timely material and an in-depth look at a broad range of subjects in the past four months. These webinars included:

  • COVID-19 & Workers Compensation Claims
  • Skilled & Trained Workforce Requirements
  • Labor Law Updates 2020
  • Anti-Harassment Training Requirements
  • Construction Law Update 2021

If you missed these programs, you could pick up some of the information from our website at:


We are adding Business Essential webinars and programs from various government agencies, including Cal/OSHA, California Air Resources Board, California Highway Patrol, State Water Resources Board, L. A. County and City of Los Angeles Public Works departments. 

Change Is Tough

In the olden day (B.C.—Before Covid), we would have held these educational opportunities at our offices or other venues with 30 or more members attending. Our online efforts so far are gradually building that same level of interest. We feature each webinar in our email newsletters, complete with instructions on how to access the programs. 

We also want your input on topics, issues that are bugging you or appear insurmountable without expert guidance because, in these times, we all must, as the U.S. military says: “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.” 

Knowledge is our best tool to follow that motto.

By Ray Baca Executive Director Email: [email protected]