The Engineering Contractor’s Association Political Action Committee (ECA PAC) has been hard at work during the past year, nearly tripling the dollar amount of our contributions on propositions, local municipal government offices and state office elections in our 12-county area.

2019 will not be as frenetic, which is a good thing because we need a little time to recharge our coffers to build up our contribution base for the election of 2020 which, at least right now, appears to be one of the most important in the two decades of this new century.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be any work for the committee this year, with elections in Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles counties this month at the top of the list.

Taxes and “advisory” elections are the main features of this spring’s voting opportunities. Some of the interesting ones include two measures in exotic West Hollywood.

The first is Measure B: West Hollywood Arts Club Project Referendum, including construction of a nine-story, multiuse commercial building at 8920 Sunset Boulevard, owned by actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

The second is Measure Y: West Hollywood Marijuana Tax authorizing the city to tax marijuana businesses at a rate of 7.5 percent on annual gross receipts. Measure M: Signal Hill Election Consolidation with Statewide Primary

Signal Hill wants to move the municipal election date from the first Tuesday in March of odd-numbered years to the first Tuesday in March of even-numbered years, thereby lengthening the terms of sitting council members by one year. There is a lot of that kind of thing going on to ostensibly increase voter participation, but mainly to cut down the cost of elections.

Other L.A. County measures including raising the hotel tax from 10 to 14 percent in Manhattan Beach and the sales tax in Glendora by 0.75 percent.

Local Focus

ECA’s PAC is paying attention to these local elections because this is where the decisions get made for funding public works projects and most private construction opportunities—this is where our work is—these people are the most important office holders for our members.

Your PAC is getting asked for contributions for and against the candidates and propositions, and we always want to hear from members about who or what they support, so chime in!

By Rich Lambros ECA Interim Executive Director Email: [email protected]