ECA has recently signed onto a coalition letter to Governor Newsom and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) raising significant concerns that the current CARB Advanced Clean Cars II Regulations would leave a gaping hole in transportation infrastructure funding – and there is currently no plan to provide replacement revenues.

The letter explains that while the reports and studies have identified potential offsets, there has been little to no in-depth discussion about filling this massive void of transportation funding as we transition away from internal combustion engine vehicles.

Prior to adopting the Regulations, the coalition urgently requests that the Administration and CARB clearly identify revenue offsets to replace the proposed phasing out of gas tax revenue / funding streams and create a plan that details how the state will maintain and protect transportation infrastructure funding.

  • CARB estimates a loss of $30 billion in transportation infrastructure funds just in the next two decades due to the decline in gasoline consumption – California’s primary source of transportation infrastructure funding.
  • CARB’s estimates show local governments will lose tens of billions in gasoline sales and excise taxes dedicated to transportation improvement projects.
  • Zero Emission Vehicles are heavier and do more damage to our roads. The transition to ZEVs requires more – not less – funding for basic road maintenance.

Losing tens of billions of dollars in infrastructure funding would be catastrophic and untenable. It will decimate the quality of our roads and bridges, jeopardize safety, decrease mobility, cripple public transit, and result in more traffic congestion.

Furthermore, reductions in funding of that magnitude will destroy hundreds of thousands of middle-class construction careers. These workers are the backbone of the California economy, a diverse workforce that is proudly building our state’s transportation infrastructure.

We don’t believe it is the intent of the Administration or CARB to completely decimate construction jobs or California’s transportation infrastructure. Nonetheless, this is a significant vulnerability that remains unaddressed in the current Regulations.

Our coalition supports the transition to clean energy and cleaner vehicles. But the Regulations must protect vital transportation funding and transportation jobs.

The coalition plead for the parties to “Please protect construction careers and the safety of the traveling public.”

By Garrett Francis, ECA President Email: [email protected]