While the country is slowly opening up as we crawl toward what could be called a “return to normal,” the construction industry is moving ahead at a substantially better speed. By any measure, the fact that our industry is designated “essential” kept us from the economic collapse that rippled tsunami-like through other sectors. Now, driven by the beginnings of a successful vaccination effort, those other markets are looking a little rosier.

Construction must be a big part of the vaccination campaign. Toward that end, in March, the Engineering Contractors’ Association (ECA) joined in the national “Roll Up Your Sleeves” campaign, which is providing resources through their website: //vaccinateconstruction.com/ 

Our contractor and affiliate members know their number one value is safety. Every worker on every job has a responsibility to operate as safely as possible to prevent the spread of COVID19

For our contractor members, the most important people for this task are the superintendents and foremen. Field leaders are in charge of safety on every job every day and play an essential role in helping empower workers with accurate COVID-19 vaccination information. As the company leader, your job is to ensure field leaders and your crews know that vaccines are a critical tool to protect every worker, their families and help stop the pandemic by standing firmly behind this effort.

Questions, There Will be Questions 

It is usual for people to have questions or be hesitant about something new like the vaccines. Many people on and off the job are not taking the proper steps to protect themselves and their families because they don’t understand or have false or misleading ideas passed around the Internet and the water cooler

If you get questions, share the facts. All information on the Roll Up Your Sleeves website is fact-based, tested and proven. This information represents best practices from both contractors and trade unions, and these construction COVID-19 vaccine resources include guidelines for field leaders in the industry, such as:

  • Remember that you are setting the tone for everyone on the job.
  • To start, you must respect workers’ concerns and questions and be ready to deal with them.
  • Helping to provide fact-based information may save someone’s life, like that of their parent, grandparent, or child.
  • Remember that our industry’s number #1 priority is safety.

Long, Long Road Ahead 

There will be many dips and curves on the road to “normal.” ECA is committed to keeping you informed with the best information to help your company find the best way home.

By Ray Baca Executive Director Email: [email protected]