ECA member contractor Mike Prlich & Sons, Inc. has engaged in a $2.3 million contract with the City of Los Angeles to build the Broadway Neighborhood Greenway Project which is funded in part by the city’s Proposition O funding ballot initiative.

The Broadway Neighborhood Greenway Project is a pilot project in South Los Angeles aiming to more efficiently capture and manage stormwater runoff. The total project budget is $4.63 million with the main construction contract of $2,339,600 awarded to Prlich to construct an infiltration basin, parkway swales, and dry wells.

The project elements include implementation of stormwater best management practices (BMPs) consisting of dry wells and parkway swales on three residential streets and two blocks of commercial street, and a subregional scale infiltration facility for 30 acres of mixed land uses.

Under the leadership of Michael Prlich, President, Lonny Laven, Project Manager, and John Rojas as the project superintendent, Prlich is constructing a 55,700 cubic foot (417,000 gallons) underground infiltration basin under a church parking lot using 92 StormTrap precast modular structure units precast in Bakersfield. At an invert depth 22 feet below surface the depth of the Stormtrap units provides 11 feet of storage at its height.

Projected annual infiltration of stormwater into the ground from the project is estimated at 41 acre-feet per year – enough to provide water for about 80 single family homes. Also being installed is a Contech CDS hydro-dynamic separator to remove pollutants entering the system. Eight Torrent Resources dry wells will be included, as will four six foot by 20-foot parkway swales.

Additionally, the residential portion of the project (installation of rain gardens, infiltration trenches and mulching on 20 residences) is being completed by a local non-profit, the Coalition for Responsible Community Development, under a separate budget of $127,000. Begun in June 2015, sched- uled completion is March, 2016.

Objectives of the design are to retrofit segments of the Broadway/University Park neighborhood with functionality for stormwater capture, infiltrate and treat stormwater runoff, augment groundwater recharge, and address Los Angeles River total daily maximum load water quality goals. The work takes place along 47th Street, 47th Place and 48th Street between Broadway and Main Street as well as along Broadway in South Los Angeles.

In 2004, Los Angeles voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition O, which authorized the City of Los Angeles to fund projects (up to $500 million) that prevent and remove pollutants from regional waterways and the ocean, consequently protecting public safety and meeting federal Clean Water Act regulations.