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Q: I am a formerly licensed General Contractor. I went through some rough times and my license was revoked in 1997. I want to get it reinstated, or if I must, get a new license number that is fine too. I know there were some complaints filed against my license and there were also some Bond claim issues. Will I be automatically excluded from qualifying for a new license based on this information? Is there a possibility I could get my old number back? 

A: You definitely wouldn’t be automatically excluded. However, in order to qualify for a license again, you would be required to show that you have satisfied all the Judgements and Claims. I would recommend that you contact the CSLB’s judgement unit to verify what is required. If your previous license was a Sole Owner license, you can request the number back once you have shown that all the Judgements and Claims are satisfied.

Q: I was hoping to gather some information or guidance on next steps on possibly becoming a Responsible Managing Employee (RME) for a company. I have been approached to become the RME for a plumbing company. However, I just opened my own company as an ‘S’-Corp through Secretary of State and have plans to sit for my contractor’s license in the next few months. Is there a possibility of being a RME for the outside company and still owning my own company with my own license or do the two have to be “married” in some way? With regards to the applications for these, can they run parallel?

A: First off, the applications cannot run parallel. You can only have one application in process with the CSLB at a time. Second, an RME can only be on one Active license at a time. Therefore, you would need to decide if you wanted to apply for your own license first OR apply to be the RME for the plumbing Company first. If you want to qualify them both and have them both Active, yes, they would need to be “related” in some way. If there is no common ownership or relation between the two companies, then your own corporation’s license would need to be on “Inactive” status.

Q: My husband has a Sole Proprietor license and he created a Corporation with a partner. He is filling out the application to get a license under the Corporation and as part of the application it asks if he wants to transfer his Sole Owner license to the Corporation or be issued a new license number. If he chooses to have a new license number issued, can he still keep his Sole Prop license Active?

A: Yes, there is an answer for this! As long as he owns at least 20% of the Corporation, yes, he can keep his Sole Owner license Active.

Q: I have a CA Contractor’s License that I haven’t been using for the past year and a half or so. It is currently Suspended because my Responsible Managing Employee (RME) left the company about six months ago and I didn’t bother replacing him because I didn’t have any work going on at the time.

The license is set to expire at the end of this month. I want to get it back up and running again. Can I renew the Suspended license, or do I need to put a new Qualifying Party in place first before I am able to renew it? I want to ensure I take the appropriate steps in the right order.

A: The Suspension must be cleared before you can renew your license as Active. However, I would suggest at least submitting the renewal and payment prior to the expiration date to avoid the Delinquent Fee. If possible, I would also suggest submitting an application for a new Qualifier at the same time. As long as you submit the renewal on time and complete the Replacement application process in a timely fashion (within 90 days of the license expiration), at least you can avoid the additional fee. 

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By Shauna Krause, President, Capitol Services, Inc.-www.cutredtape.com