Rising material and other costs continue to slam the construction industry. The pandemic devastated supply chains across the globe, the U.S. homebuilding boom has swallowed up lumber, concrete, and other essential materials as fast as they can be procured and rising interest rates have further impacted budgets and cash flow.

The software developers at PlanHub have created an app designed to address these issues and more.

They asked the question How are contractors and subcontractors supposed to bid on their next project while the prices of materials remain volatile and could easily cause a project to become unprofitable?

Their answer was to identify the best way to help alleviate rising costs and uncertainty, to maximize operational efficiency and streamline processes to make it faster and easier than ever to find — and win — more work.

Their research found that the right software solutions could facilitate more industry connections, help general contractors, subcontractors, and even suppliers more easily connect and communicate, enhance project visibility and improve whole project efficiency. 

These tools help streamline:

  • Project posting
  • Networking
  • Bid submission
  • Project forecasting

Through addressing these collective tasks, PlanBid aims to assist construction professionals in their quest to gain more time for the work that matters most.

PlanHub currently has 35,500 contractors and 211,000 subcontractors using its product with the goal of making it easier for skilled construction professionals to connect.

What’s more is that the app is free to general contractors to post projects and free for subcontractors and suppliers to start bidding.

For additional details or to schedule a demo visit www.planhub.com.