This year, Trench Shoring Company celebrates 50 years of dedicated service to the construction industry in California and Nevada. The company that Tom Malloy created begins its fifth decade, successfully guided by the second and third generation of Malloys.

In 1973 Tom Malloy reimagined his father’s general contracting company into a fledgling rental business. He envisioned the name “Trench Shoring Company” before he even had his own inventory. With the insightful vision that would guide his entire career and his company’s success, Malloy saw opportunity in Southern California’s explosive growth of new highways and building construction. He began purchasing land and shoring inventory and never looked back.

Supporting the Industry

Today, under the stewardship of current company President Kevin Malloy, this strategy has not wavered. The goal of Trench Shoring Company’s eleven locations is to continue to provide same day service to support projects near each of the facilities.

Over the years, the company has made safety an integral component both for their employee workforce and also in the trenches for their clients and customers. 

Built On A Foundation of Safety & Service, Trench Shoring Company Celebrates 50th Anniversary

To support their internal workforce, Kevin established a Safety Task Force with the dual goals of embedding a culture of safety throughout the company and correcting any unsafe practices. These safety goals have evolved into a detailed training manual which today includes over 30 different safety policies and procedures.

To educate and help keep clients and contractors safe in the trenches, Trench Shoring University (TSU) instructors employ state-of-the-art training tools adapted for both online (remote learning) as well as classroom situations. Competent Person Training and Confined Space Training courses designed to meet all OSHArequirements. Courses are an important element of the company’s “Safety and Service” commitment to the industry.

The Early Years

Tom Malloy’s early experiences as a contractor motivated him to ensure that he would never disappoint a customer by being unable to supply the required equipment on time. In the early days, carrying a large inventory was very costly but this ensured that customers got the needed equipment in rapid response.

Notes President Kevin Malloy, “From day one, each of our locations will not launch until it is equipped with a full inventory of shoring equipment, including steel trench plates, trench shields, hydraulic shoring, slide rail and a wide range of safety equipment. Heavy and utility vehicles, crane, pickup and flatbed trucks and a well-trained staff stand at the ready to provide same-day service.”

There is a clear through line from Tom Malloy’s early vision for his company 50 years ago to the Malloy family management of Trench Shoring Company today: responsive service, comprehensive inventory, training, and safety. It’s a winning strategy that will continue to be foundational to the company’s future success.

Looking Forward

For decades, the Southern California and Nevada construction industry has counted on Trench Shoring Company for their extensive construction knowledge, complete inventory and same-day service. They know time is money, so they produce same-day service from their 11 locations across Southern California, the San Joaquin Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area and Las Vegas, Nevada. Whether it’s for a current project—or your next project—Trench Shoring Company strives to be your first choice for shoring equipment and service.

Trench Shoring Company has been committed to handling customers’ toughest jobs and the most challenging job requirements with safety, service and customer satisfaction since their inception in 1973 that will carry them well into the future.