Trench Shoring Company President Kevin Malloy was elected incoming 2022 President of North American Excavation Shoring Association (NAXSA) at their recent convention in Dallas, TX. 

Malloy takes the reigns as NAXSA President with strong credentials, much needed in today’s challenging business environment. He was a founding member of NAXSA and leads Trench Shoring Company, one of the most influential companies in trench shoring and excavation. His vision for NAXSA and the industry is formed by the demands and challenges of a growing industry…and that vision always circles back to the core goal of “zero deaths or injuries”.

NAXSA was created to promote the safe and efficient use of excavation shoring practices and represents the professions in the shoring industry—from manufacturers, engineers and rental companies to distributors, suppliers and government agencies, all of whom share the common goal of maintaining safety in the excavation shoring industry.

President Malloy’s focus will also be on continuity: continuing and supporting the good work of prior NAXSA President Brian Crandall and the Committees. “Of particular importance,” Malloy notes, “will be to launch our participation with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in their Alliance Program. Our common goal is to leverage resources and expertise to help ensure safe and healthy workplaces and worker rights.” 

Malloy is also excited by the biggest potential growth factors in the shoring and excavation industry. He cites the $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed in 2021 which will fund and create jobs across the country needed to fix crumbling bridges and roads, upgrade airports, ports and waterways, improve power and water systems, and expand broadband access.

The second growth factor he cites is education in the form of training. Giving workers the right knowledge using the right equipment will help ensure a safe jobsite. He continues: “We need to educate contractors that are unaware of the dangers when excavating. We need to also educate these contractors who may be aware of the potential dangers, but who choose to skirt safety measures because they place profits before worker safety. In both cases, education and the right trenching and excavation solutions will help ensure success.”

The Covid impact had both short and longer-term effects on Trench Shoring Company and the industry. Initially, the big challenge was not being able to meet with customers at their offices and job sites. This personal interaction has always been a key element of his company’s process. “But we invested in new ways to keep in touch and execute contracts,” he notes. “And also, keeping our customers and employees safe per state regulations and CDC guidelines was complicated by the different views about the pandemic held by people.” Malloy concluded that the term “best practices” took on a whole new meaning, but that his company learned, adapted and got back to “business as usual.”

Member growth and engagement is the lifeblood for any association and President Malloy will be focused on shoring up both.