I will help a contractor who has disassociated officers in the wrong sequence. Another contractor who let his license expire will need to jump thru the same hoop before any renewal.…

Q: Our license is up for renewal soon and upon receiving the renewal application, we realized that we needed to update our Officers. Against our better judgement, my office decided to handle the update process as a “try this at home” project and we now have a situation on our hands that I hope you can help with!

We submitted applications to add our current President/CEO and our CFO and we also submitted Disassociation Notices for the previous President and CFO. The Disassociations were processed before the Additional Personnel Applications, leaving us with no Officers associated with the license. Then came the rejection notices for the Additional Personnel applications because they weren’t signed by a current Officer on the license. What do we do now? We are willing to re-associate one of the disassociated Officers who is still an affiliate if that is what it takes. We need this corrected before our license can be renewed, right?

A: Yes, you will need at least one Officer associated with the license before you can renew your license. What you will need to do is update the President/CEO and the CFO with the California Secretary of State. Once that’s done, you can have the new President/CEO sign the applications you need processed and the CSLB will cross reference the Secretary of State records and accept his/her signature.

Q: I had a Contractor’s License about six months ago which I let expire. I am trying to apply as the Responsible Managing Officer for another company and the CSLB is requesting I go get fingerprinted again. Does that seem accurate?

A: Yes. The CSLB has been purging fingerprints once you let your license expire, or once you disassociate from a license, etc. So yes, you do need to be fingerprinted again unfortunately.

Q: My license was revoked due to some citations I received last year. How long do I have to wait before I can re-apply for a Contractor’s License?

A: There is no specific time limit. You will need to provide documentation demonstrating that all losses that resulted in the revocation have been fully satisfied and you have complied with all terms and conditions imposed by the revocation before you can apply for a new license.

Q: A While back I worked for a construction company and I’m considering purchasing an existing business which has a contractor’s license. Will my past experience allow me to Qualify the license and become the Responsible Managing Officer? 

A: It depends on what you mean by “A while back.” The CSLB will only consider work experience gained within the last ten years. As you probably know, a total of four years of full-time work experience is required. If you meet the requirement and would like our assistance with this process, please contact the office.

Testing Update for License Applicants! Coming in July 2022…

According to the Board the CSLB will continue to develop license exams internally, however the exams will soon be administered by PSI Exams. PSI Exams currently administers exams for several State Contractor Boards including Nevada and Arizona. The change to PSI will expand the number of testing locations throughout California and will likely allow for more flexible test dates for applicants.

The CSLB will no longer be scheduling a specific date for applicants and instead will be notifying when they have been approved to take the exams along with the instructions to schedule with PSI. This change will not increase applicant examination fees.

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