By Wes May

ECA Executive Director
Email: [email protected]

We’ve the better part of the past two years about how ECA has shifted its focus to local, local, local efforts and we thought we should give an exam- ple on what your association has been doing during that time and what it means to you.

This example is the effort to increase funding for projects from the Los Angeles County Flood Control District to provide more opportunities for ECA members while, at the same time, building a better infrastructure for our local communities.

In the past month the flood control district announced a new plan for a lot more work for the next three years. You should know that this idea didn’t just pop out of a LACFD staff meeting one day, but was the result of a collaborative approach from ECA, our labor union partners and the political leadership for the county.

The credit for this effort goes to the Engineering Contractors Association Board of Directors and ultimately to then president DaveSorem,wholedtheprocess. Wemetwithcountypublic works staffers to get an understanding of their budget and their plans, we met with members of the county board of supervisors and their staffs and we pushed, pushed, pushed for a better plan that put more work out to improve the flood control district’s pro- ductivity.

Impressive Results

The proof of success for this 18-month strategy is in an- nouncement at a meeting in the past month with the county where they revealed their 2015-2016 fiscal year flood control projects that will go out to bid starting in October. They also listed budget numbers for the fiscal years of 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.

The results are impressive. Take a look at the chart below on a comparative basis; the amounts of work to be released in com- parison to previous


This kind of im- provement is what we mean when we say we want to keep ECA focused on local govern- ment and local pro- jects. This effort took multiple meet- ings, strategy ses- sions and home- work to come to fruition.

This is exciting news for our contractors, and we will press on with other cities, counties and agencies as we continue our collaborative partnership approach.

If you have ideas where our local, local, local effort should go, give us a call at (714) 937-5000.