In among the many things that involve our government affairs activity includes is working with other contractors, their associations and our labor partners to keep the lanes clear for work for our members

This effort was one of the drivers for the Engineering Contractors’ Association joining as a founding member of the Southern California Partnership for Jobs (SCPFJ) six years ago. 

Recently, there have been many changes at this organization, starting with a new name—Rebuild SoCal Partnership (RSCP). The board of directors of the group, which I serve on, call it a “rebranding effort.”

The reasons for this change are simple. We have been listening to the 2750 contractor members, the 90,000 union craft workers represented by the trade unions in our region and the public. We heard that the name didn’t exactly fit the mission, particularly at the public level, where many thought we were an employment service rather than an organization dedicated to improving our 11-county region’s essential infrastructure.

The one word we kept in the rebranding and emphasized—Partnership. It is prominent in our new logo and in everything else we do. Changes include adding additional outreach platforms to get our message across, including a new website, increased activity in social media and podcasts designed to introduce RSCP to an ever-widening audience of people obtaining their news in non-traditional ways. 

Here’s Some New Stuff

We migrated our website to The updated website consists of many new, and we hope enticing features, including RSCP’s award-winning SB1 video docuseries and an entirely new section that includes a comprehensive list of infrastructure projects in various Southland categories. 

“We designed the podcast to fulfill our mission,” said John Hakel, RSCP Executive Director. “Our podcast is the perfect way to keep educating the public and public officials on the need for responsible infrastructure spending.” 

The Rebuild SoCal Zone debuted October 7. The first guest was Dr. Chris Thornberg, founder of Beacon Economics. Future episodes will have interviews with leaders in construction and economics. 

A vital component of this podcast is to educate the public on the need for infrastructure construction spending and highlight projects within Southern California that will improve their lives as they gradually go back to work and begin hitting the roads again. 

The Rebuild SoCal Zone is available on multiple platforms where podcasts are available (including Apple, Google, Spotify and others) and archived on the website.

We’ve been listening and hope you will too! 

By Dave Sorem, P.E. ECA Government Affairs Chairman email: [email protected]