Dear Members,

Related to the ECA member message sent to you on April 29 regarding potential California Workers’ Compensation policy changes focused on COVID-19, yesterday at noon—Governor Newsom announced those changes through a new Executive Order.

The time-limited order creates a rebuttable presumption on all employers for any employee that contracts COVID-19 regardless of industry. This would apply to any worker who reported to work outside of the home at the direction of their employer and received a positive COVID-19 test or diagnosis from a California licensed physician within 14 days of the workers’ last day working outside of the home. There are other requirements and limitations to this order, and timeframe dates of March 19, 2020 to July 5, 2020. Two links are provided below. The first is a recap of the Governor’s announcement, and the second is the full Executive Order.

We know there will be many questions on this topic moving forward, especially regarding the impact on rates, and whether the Executive Order will be extended even further than July 5. As always, the ECA encourages membership to follow all established COVID-19 safety protocols at their work sites, staging, and office areas. Also, as previously recommended, members should strongly consider documenting a COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan for your business. This should be done through your company counsel and/or insurance provider. More information on this topic soon to follow.

Gov. Newsom; Workers’ Compensation Announcement 

Executive Order N-62-20

If you have any questions, please call the ECA office number or my mobile phone: 657-281-9720

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Ray M. Baca

Executive Director

Engineering Contractors’ Association