Lives & Livelihoods Are at Stake.

In an effort to promote best safety practices and reduce the spread of COVID-19, California’s union construction industry has launched the COVID-19 Zero Tolerance Campaign.

The COVID-19 Zero Tolerance Campaign is a unified effort to promote, educate and enforce critical jobsite safety practices during the pandemic, while demonstrating the union construction’s capacity to work safely through COVID-19.

Union Construction is the backbone of California’s infrastructure, and our state’s economy. The Zero Tolerance Campaign is an industry stakeholder pledge to recognize and re-affirm our responsibility to flatten the curve as we build and maintain our state’s vital infrastructure.

The ECA urges all of our member contractors to raise the threshold of their safety standards—taking into full account the critical emergency we are all facing as a community. We remain committed to assist our members in keeping their workforce and the public safe and healthy during this unprecedented time.

The Zero Tolerance Campaign demonstrates the high expectations and best practices that the union construction industry upholds and implements every day. It reflects each person’s responsibility to set the standard, walk the walk, and enforce zero tolerance for any unsafe practices. Protecting our teams, families and communities is our number one priority.

Contractors, Agencies, and Unions are encouraged to add your organizations to the growing list of zero tolerance allies, post the Zero Tolerance campaign on your jobsites, and share the campaign on social media.

Join the campaign, take the pledge and spread the message at

If you have any questions, please call the ECA office number or my mobile phone: 657-281-9720

Thank you,

Ray M. Baca
Executive Director
Engineering Contractors’ Association